BLACK-T Cartridge Kit Stage4 for Triumph Thruxton-R 2016-2018

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Dodávka z centrálního skladu = doručení v nejbližší periodické dodávce do ČR (jednou týdně) + následující den kurýrem GLS kdekoliv v ČR. Na pražském skladu máme tisíce výrobků ihned k dispozici pro zákazníky prodejny, takže pokud máme vše z vaší objednávky na pražském skladu, posíláme to ihned a nečekáme na dodávku z centrálního skladu. V takovém případě jen záleží, kdy vaší objednávku dostaneme a zpracujeme. Uzavírka kurýrních zásilek je každý den v 15h. Jakmile kurýr odjede tak se musí počkat na následující pracovní den.

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Simply put, the BLACK-T Cartridge Kit Stage4 is a shock absorber for the fork and the absolute premium class in terms of suspension technology. The closed cartridge is installed in the original fork. This means that the triple clamp/handlebar mount, brakes, wheel guide and steering geometry remain fully intact. No additional modifications to the fork are necessary. This cartridge SET guarantees significantly finer and more pleasant fork response, for individual performance of the Triumph Thruxton-R at the highest level.


The most important compact:

The Cartridge KIT brings the Triumph Thruxton-R into the best possible balance. Spring preload, rebound and compression are fully adjustable from above. The damper oil is in a closed cartridge, so the amount of oil is precisely metered. This means that the closed cartridge offers very finely adjustable damping. This means the most effective, precise suspension setting adapted to your personal driving style at all times, whatever the road conditions or intended use. No matter if motorways, federal highways, smallest country roads or fast, ambitious driving style. Even the most violent road influences on the front wheel are absorbed by the integrated "Hydraulic Endstop".


The completely new riding experience with your Triumph Thruxton-R.


Features of the Black-T closed cartridge:

- The Closed Cartridge is installed into the original fork.

- This way the fork bridge/handlebar mount, brakes and wheel control and handlebar geometry are retained in full.

- No additional modifications to the fork are required

- A Closed Cartridge is an Extreme suspension strut in the fork.

- Fully adjustable top-side spring preloading (adjustment tool including with delivery) in both fork legs for optimal balance of the motorbike. 20mm via 12 clicks

- Separately adjustable rebound damping 20 clicks (1 fork leg)

- Compression damping 20 clicks (1 fork leg) for damping.

- For precise damping settings at high damping frequency and high load (poor roads, offroad with luggage).

- High damping stability and robustness through use of 35 mm piston.

- Closed design (Closed Cartridge), hence closed oil cartridge for damping and the oil in the fork is for

lubrication only.

- Damping oil (cartridge) and nitrogen, in a nitrogen accumulator at the base of the cartridge.

- Extremely refined response behaviour of the fork while providing high durability and stability at the same time.

- The separation of oil and nitrogen avoids foam formation and no stickslip in the fork.

- This means reproducible damping performance at all times, even under the most extreme conditions.

- Prevents the fork from going solid. Each cartridge is fitted with an "Hydraulic endstop" against against impacting.


Scope of delivery:

- 2x Closed Cartridge

- with damper setting, (1x) rebound stage, (1x) compression stage.

- with spring preloading via adjustment tool (2x)

- adjustment tool

- ready for installation and ready-to-ride, fitted with pre-mounted fork spring.

- 1 litre oil (for installation of fork)

- user manual and instructions for installation

- 2x Fork protection sticker.


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