Progressive BLACK-T replacement springs Stage 1 for fork and shock absorber fit BMW R18 from 2020

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Čas doručení: 3 - 4 týdny

Delivery time: 3-4 weeks

(with the advance payment from the day after the payment order by the customer, and for other methods of payment from the day after the contract)

Kód výrobku
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These progressive replacement springs are perfectly matched to the fork and shock of the BMW R18. They give the installed suspension components a much better set-up and optimized motorcycle balance. BLACK-T High Suspension components bring a significantly improved response and higher reserves at the limit experienced.

Info: Only fits “BMW R18 from 2020 onwards

Scope of delivery:

- Replacement springs for the original shockabsorber.

- Replacement springs for the original fork.

- Suitable fork oil.

- Paste to reduce friction in the lower fork tubes.

- Includes detailed installation instructions.

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Více informací
Kód výrobku 01-018-5862-0
Delivery 3 - 4 týdny
do_not_import_product Ne
Use Distri Availability Ano
Typ tlumiče Urban
Schváleno pro silniční komunikace ANO
Výrobce BMW
Model R 18
Barva Černá
Výrobce Black_T_Suspension
Rok výroby od 2020
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