Stainless steel headlight protector black, with quick release fastener for LED headlight, for BMW R1250GS/ R1250GS Adventure *OFFROAD USE ONLY*

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Our proven headlight protector made of black powder-coated, 2 mm thick stainless steel effectively protects the headlight of your GS.

The quick-release fastener allows you to clip on or remove the guard as required. It is perfectly adapted to the design and functionality of the headlight. The protector has cut-outs for the new X-shaped daytime running light and is ideally suited for the optionally available BMW cornering light.

And of course the protector comes with everything you need to fit it.

The headlight protector has been developed for off-road use and is not permitted in the scope of German StVO. Please check your national regulations!

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Delivery 2-5 pracovních dnů
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Výrobce BMW
Model R 1250 GS, R 1250 GS Adventure
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