Touratech Suspension shock absorber for BMW F800GS / F800GS Adventure 2013 onwards type Inline Extreme

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Dodávka z centrálního skladu = doručení v nejbližší periodické dodávce do ČR (jednou týdně) + následující den kurýrem GLS kdekoliv v ČR. Na pražském skladu máme tisíce výrobků ihned k dispozici pro zákazníky prodejny, takže pokud máme vše z vaší objednávky na pražském skladu, posíláme to ihned a nečekáme na dodávku z centrálního skladu. V takovém případě jen záleží, kdy vaší objednávku dostaneme a zpracujeme. Uzavírka kurýrních zásilek je každý den v 15h. Jakmile kurýr odjede tak se musí počkat na následující pracovní den.

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Despite its uniquely compact size, this Inline Extreme shock absorber ranks in the absolute premium class of suspension components. This Extreme shock has been specially developed to fit in the limited space on the BMW F 800 GS Adventure. The shock absorber is ideally suited to touring and riding with frequent dramatic changes in loading and riding conditions - or the most extreme challenges. Its compact design also houses our PDS system. This provides hydraulic protection that prevents bottoming out even while carrying full touring gear in the most extreme off-road conditions. The shock absorber is protected against mechanical overload. Damping characteristics change depending on the road surface. Under most riding conditions, the shock absorber gives a smooth response and is comfortably adjusted for a less strenuous ride.

For you, this means: The Extreme adjustment range can accommodate any luggage volume from a tail bag to a fully loaded luggage system and/or pillion passenger. You can quickly and easily restore the bike's balance using a hand wheel to adjust the hydraulic preload. The shock absorber's very fine damping adjustment lets you effectively and precisely adjust the suspension to suit your personal riding style at any time, on any condition of road, and for any purpose.

An absolute WORLD FIRST that brings a whole new feel to riding your motorcycle.

Main features at a glance:
=> This shock absorber is configured and adjusted ready for use based on our experience with the BMW F 800 GS Adventure.
=> The parameters are: vehicle weight / shock absorber linkage / design constraints / test rides.
=> This shock absorber is designed for a rider's weight including luggage of up to 100 kg.
=> As with all suspension solutions, the rear and front of the motorbike should be modified together.
=> In this case, the matching component for the front of the BMW F 800 GS Adventure is the:
=> Progressive fork springs for BMW F 800 GS Adventure, 01-048-5839-0
=> If only one component is changed, optimal handling will not be achieved.

Characteristics of the Touratech Suspension Extreme shock absorber:
=> The shock absorber body is made of aluminium.
*** This keeps its weight to a minimum.
=> All assemblies and components are designed for intense use on heavy touring motorcycles.
=> Special low-friction seals are fitted.
*** As a result, there is very little wear and the shock absorber has a long service life.
=> Strong stainless steel bushings for the securing bolts are fitted to the spring eye.
*** These make sure the securing bolt is seated firmly with no play even under maximum loads.
=> Floating piston design. The floating piston separates the damping fluids oil and nitrogen allowing them to work separately.
*** As a result, the shock absorber response is finer,
*** with precise, high-performance damping even at very high damping frequencies (bad roads, dirt tracks).
*** Shock absorber cools better.
*** Minimal restrictions for the shock absorber's fitting position on the motorbike.
=> Hydraulic "Extreme" preload via an easily accessible, conveniently positioned hand wheel.
=> The damper settings were developed in line with Touratech's experience and requirements.
*** They are based on many miles of touring and experiences gained from use by the Touratech Race Team.
=> "Extreme" compression damping adjustment always has separate high speed and low speed settings.
*** This allows highly individual compression/rebound adjustment. Perfect adaptability to changing requirements.
=> The entire damping assembly is housed inside the shock absorber.
*** No additional seals. Direct, rapid damping response.
*** Gives the shock absorber greater resilience and a longer service life.
=> QR code on the shock absorber contains individual shock absorber data.
*** Simply scan with a smartphone to access the specific information for the shock absorber.
*** Information on the shock absorber's factory settings is always available. Can be reset if incorrectly adjusted.

The basic setup fitted here is designed for riders up to 100 kg including luggage. Modifications are possible
for a heavier rider (more than 100 kg) and/or if the bike is usually ridden with a passenger / with luggage. In this case,
we individually modify the shock absorber to meet your needs by fitting a spring with a higher spring rate.
Please fill out our suspension check form and send it back to us.

If you have any further questions, we will be happy to advise you. Contact us.
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