Engine protector RALLYE Evo, Aluminium/ Aluminium black for KTM 790 Adventure/ 790 Adventure R

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Dlouhodobě předobjednané = zboží u kterého se neví, kdy bude k dispozici. U některých výrobků se čeká na nějaký minimální počet objednávek pro výrobu, jiné výrobky se vyrábí v periodách např. každých 6 týdnů, některé výrobky jsou od subdodavatelů, kteří je dodávají jednou za 3 nebo 6 měsíců. Existují i výrobky, které se vyrábí jen jednou ročně (např. některé oblečení). A u některých výrobků není vůbec jasné, kdy budou k dodání, protože jejich výrobci nebo subdodavatelé mají výrobní potíže, problémy se surovinami nebo komponenty a nejsou schopní udat předpokládaný termín výroby. Bohužel v současné době to je velmi časté a netýká se to jen výrobků z gumy a elektroniky ale třeba i komponentů tlumičů, bot atd.

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With the 790, KTM has brought racing DNA to the road. However, the original engine and tank protection is more of an optical rounding off than any real protection.

This prompted a comprehensive requirement profile for our engine guard "RALLYE Evo". It must be "rock-solid", look good and should in no way restrict freedom of movement or put unnecessary weight on the vehicle.

RALLYE Evo Probably the most robust engine guard in the world!

20 years of experience in the production of tens of thousands of engine guards flowed into the design and the optimal dimensioning of the materials. The knowledge gained from years of use of our engine guards, as well as the feedback from our customers on previous generations of engine guards, has been taken into account in the new RALLYE Evo engine guard.

The result is a clever 3-part construction. This simplifies mounting and saves unnecessary additional weight. The resulting full 360° protection ensures that even in the toughest off-road conditions the engine, the exhaust system and the critical areas of the tank are protected. Flying stones and ground contact can do very little damage to your KTM 790.

The 3-part construction is leveraged through the use of two specially manufactured aluminium alloys. Each one is specially optimised for its particular application. But they do have one thing in common - both are 4 mm thick.

The special structure of the extended base plate, together with the high-strength material, ensures maximum rigidity right up to the catalytic converter. Even in tough off-road use, it protects both the engine and exhaust system. Flat leading chamfers make it easier to overcome obstacles of any kind, whether tree trunk or kerb. Professional robot welding using high-quality tools ensures consistent quality.

The two separately mounted tank protection plates are hydroformed for a perfect fit. In addition to the widely projecting lower parts of the tank, they also protect the fuel pump and the fuel taps, like the shell protecting a tortoise.

The large cooling opening for improved engine cooling is the same, but can be protected from flying stones with the optional grids (372-5016) if required.

Attachment to suitable points on the vehicle is easy. A stainless steel reinforcement in the rear part provides additional lateral support.

The parallel use of Touratech crash bars is also problem-free.

True to the motto "As close-fitting as possible, as much clearance as necessary", there is no restriction to ground clearance or lean angle. What's more, all screw connections are recessed in the smooth floor. This not only increases durability but also ensures better off-road handling. The flat floor design is also suitable for work stands.

"State of the art" technology coupled with "state of the art" design
100% Made in Germany
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